Thursday, May 2, 2019

Had a question on were I shot the video in weber canyon well here is a google maps  view of the rest stop were I get it from. which will be very full come Wednesday the 8th of May.
After I get back from the UPHS convention and the #Transcon150  I will be getting more up on the  blog and uploading more videos.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Finally had a chance to sit down on work on some videos.  Just got back from the Santa Fe Historical & Modeling Society Mini meet in Winslow AZ.  This Mini meet happens every year in April. It's held at the La Posada Hotel.  Talks in the morning then rail Fanning at lunch then a second round or talks then Rail Fanning and then dinner with rail fanning following until Amtrak Southwest chief #3 shows up then its to dark to shot video or stills.

I'll have some video for from the rail fanning later. However,  here is Amtrak Southwest Chief 3# pulling into Winslow in April of 2010 during one of the SFH&MS Mini meets.

I have just finish uploading some videos that I have been working on and off on over last year in between work.

First up is a little video from the 2011 NMRA  one of the tours was to the Western Pacific Railroad Museum.  Was walking around the Museum grounds looking at all of the equipment and hear some diesels come grab by video camera and moved to the yard be hind the museum to catch 5 SD60 locomotive pulling in to the yard there are east bound.

Will have more to come shortly.

Finally I have two video that i shot with a GoPro on a Steadicam Smoothe was able to stand next to the yellow line at the Flagstaff Amtrak Staion and get some good full view shots of the passing trains with my other camera I have to be back some ways to get the full top to bottom view of the passing trains. 



Thats it for this entry 

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society Convention 2011 Tempe AZ.

During the SFRH&MS convention 2011 in Tempe AZ one of the extra fairs was a stop at the Mobest yard in phoenix.  During are brief Stop the BNSF put two loco on the Turntable and turned them.  One was a GP39-2 in Santa Fe lettering 2864 sub lettered for BNSF.

After they finish spinning that loco BNSF put on an BNSF 6705 an  ES44C4

After they were done and move the loco back to the staging track we left off to our next extra fair the Verde Canyon Railroad.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

UP 844 New Mexico-Arizona Centennial Tour Pulls in to Tempe, AZ November  2011

In November of 2011 UP 844 Toured the southwest to celebrate New Mexico and Arizona's state hood Centennial.  On November 12th UP 844 came to Phoenix. It passed through Mesa and then Stopped in Tempe before it's display at the Phoenix yard.

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

It been some time from my last post.

Just uploaded a video from the NMRA Convention in Anaheim in July 2008. This extra fare was a tour of UP's colton yard at the Hump tower this video is the view of the action from the tower.

And this video is from ground level at the tower.

I'm working on the loco maintance facility how to have they up later.

Stay Tuned

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday Rail Fanning

Had a good day rail fanning with the Extra Fair of the Santa Fe Historical & Modeling Society.

Started out at Winona just as the our bus pull up to Winona the Loco was coming down from the cinder pit. Picked up it other cars and off to flagstaff it went.  Then noting, we were to be there for an hour where are the trains.  The guy next to me works for the railroad and logged in to find out were all the traffic was. He found out it was all back up and in about 20min we should have 3 trains showing up. Sure enough a WB Auto rack came by and stop. 10min later a stack train ran by and cross over just as it has pass the cross over here comes an EB. Once the WB cleared the block it then left.

We left for our next stop at camp Navajo to see the switcher an the cars being stored there for the  railway museum in Williams.

Next it was off to Williams for lunch and caught a Phoenix EB.

Off to Williams Junction.  We went out the Amtrak station  and got two EB and one WB.

Again you will have to wait for the footage when I can edit it.

Tomorrow its the Grand Canyon with three photo run byes.

Stay Tuned

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesdays Rail Fanning

Well today was really good caught a pair of loco switching a box car. Caught 7 trains at the station in the 2hr period that I was.

Great place to catch trains and have some food is at the Lumberyard Brewing Company on San Francisco street its right at the crossing and has an out door patio. If it is raining or other bad weather (snow) you can get a seat by the window and eat and watch trains go by.

BNSF is working on the Beaver Street crossing so the trains are slow and for a change blowing their horns.

After lunch I went over to the station and two trains Westbound and Eastbound passed  then 15min later another Westbound and Eastbound passed.

I again will have all the video of this up later when I have download and edited it.

In the late afternoon I went out on Route 66 and caught a mix bag of locos. All I had was my iphone which was out of space for any more video so all I was able to get was one last photo of it.

Off tomorrow for a Rail photo safari at darling  and Williams Junction.

Stay Tuned

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