Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesdays Rail Fanning

Well today was really good caught a pair of loco switching a box car. Caught 7 trains at the station in the 2hr period that I was.

Great place to catch trains and have some food is at the Lumberyard Brewing Company on San Francisco street its right at the crossing and has an out door patio. If it is raining or other bad weather (snow) you can get a seat by the window and eat and watch trains go by.

BNSF is working on the Beaver Street crossing so the trains are slow and for a change blowing their horns.

After lunch I went over to the station and two trains Westbound and Eastbound passed  then 15min later another Westbound and Eastbound passed.

I again will have all the video of this up later when I have download and edited it.

In the late afternoon I went out on Route 66 and caught a mix bag of locos. All I had was my iphone which was out of space for any more video so all I was able to get was one last photo of it.

Off tomorrow for a Rail photo safari at darling  and Williams Junction.

Stay Tuned

Copperbelt Rail Videos.

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