Friday, May 2, 2014

Finally had a chance to sit down on work on some videos.  Just got back from the Santa Fe Historical & Modeling Society Mini meet in Winslow AZ.  This Mini meet happens every year in April. It's held at the La Posada Hotel.  Talks in the morning then rail Fanning at lunch then a second round or talks then Rail Fanning and then dinner with rail fanning following until Amtrak Southwest chief #3 shows up then its to dark to shot video or stills.

I'll have some video for from the rail fanning later. However,  here is Amtrak Southwest Chief 3# pulling into Winslow in April of 2010 during one of the SFH&MS Mini meets.

I have just finish uploading some videos that I have been working on and off on over last year in between work.

First up is a little video from the 2011 NMRA  one of the tours was to the Western Pacific Railroad Museum.  Was walking around the Museum grounds looking at all of the equipment and hear some diesels come grab by video camera and moved to the yard be hind the museum to catch 5 SD60 locomotive pulling in to the yard there are east bound.

Will have more to come shortly.

Finally I have two video that i shot with a GoPro on a Steadicam Smoothe was able to stand next to the yellow line at the Flagstaff Amtrak Staion and get some good full view shots of the passing trains with my other camera I have to be back some ways to get the full top to bottom view of the passing trains. 



Thats it for this entry 

Stay Tuned


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