Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday Rail Fanning

Had a good day rail fanning with the Extra Fair of the Santa Fe Historical & Modeling Society.

Started out at Winona just as the our bus pull up to Winona the Loco was coming down from the cinder pit. Picked up it other cars and off to flagstaff it went.  Then noting, we were to be there for an hour where are the trains.  The guy next to me works for the railroad and logged in to find out were all the traffic was. He found out it was all back up and in about 20min we should have 3 trains showing up. Sure enough a WB Auto rack came by and stop. 10min later a stack train ran by and cross over just as it has pass the cross over here comes an EB. Once the WB cleared the block it then left.

We left for our next stop at camp Navajo to see the switcher an the cars being stored there for the  railway museum in Williams.

Next it was off to Williams for lunch and caught a Phoenix EB.

Off to Williams Junction.  We went out the Amtrak station  and got two EB and one WB.

Again you will have to wait for the footage when I can edit it.

Tomorrow its the Grand Canyon with three photo run byes.

Stay Tuned

CopperBelt Rail Videos

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